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Pricing includes the Pint Rider bike for 2 hours, an experienced tour captain, cooler with ice and music (booking fees and gratuity not included).


or call/text locally at (541) 227-9499


Tours are available 7 days-a-week during the following set time slots:

Monday – Sunday

1:00pm – 3:00pm

3:30pm – 5:30pm

6:00pm – 8:00pm

8:30pm – 10:30pm (Thu/Fri/Sat Only)

*Days & times are subject to change.  See booking calendar up to date availability.

Contact us if you’re interested in an early morning fitness or coffee tour!

Any Day


Reserve the Pint Rider bike for your group! 7 people minimum, 14 max. Great for any celebration!


Reserve the Half Pint bike for your group of 4-6!


  1. Pint Rider does not provide any food or beverage—all food and beverages are BYOB.
  2. Pint Rider is allowed up to 3 growlers (18, 12 ounce cans) or 2 bottles of wine onboard.  Half Pint is allowed up to 2 growlers (12, 12 ounce cans) or 1 bottle of wine.  Absolutely NO HARD LIQUOR, MIXED DRINKS or glass bottles.
  3. No jumping on or off the Pint Rider bikes while it is in motion.  You will not be allowed to get back on board.
  4. Do not shout obscenities or abusive language at vehicles or pedestrians.
  5. The Pint Rider captains are in charge!  Please listen to his or her instructions. The rules will be interpreted at his or her discretion.  Any abuse or mistreatment of the captain will not be tolerated.
  6. All local, state and federal laws must be observed at all times while using the Pint Rider
  7. Inappropriate behavior (subject to the discretion of the Pint Rider Captain) or the violation of any of these rules is cause for immediate disembarkment from the Pint Rider.
  8. No Smoking on or within 10 feet of the Pint Rider bikes.
  9. Those removed from the Pint Rider for violating these rules will not receive a refund or credit and will be banned from riding the Pint Rider in the future.